hoary Cinquefoil


Hoary Cinquefoil is a perennial plant, 15-35 cm tall. The stem is usually single, covered with a thin downy coating. The lower leaves are divided, on long stems, the upper ones are sessile, covered with silvery hairs on the underside.

The flowers are small, yellow, consist of five petals, yellow in color. The plant blooms all summer.

For medicinal purposes, the above-ground part of the plant is collected in the first half of summer. The plant is wrapped in a shady place and then dried on sieves or in forced dryers not exceeding 35C. Stored in paper bags, no longer than two years.

Hoary Cinquefoil contains triterpenoids (tor-menthol), flavonoids, phenolic carbonates (ferulic and coumaric acids), essential oils, tannins, vitamin C and other compounds.

Medicinal significance

Hoary Cinquefoil has astringent, hemostatic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, hypotensive and anti-helminthic properties.

Hoary Cinquefoil is used for diarrhea, bloody urine, anacid gastritis, inflammation of the stomach and intestinal mucosa, cirrhosis of the liver, severe respiratory diseases and hypertensive disease. As well as for the treatment of enteritis, colitis, uterine and pulmonary bleeding. Externally, it is used as a compress on wounds, furunculosis, wet eczema, hemorrhoids, to rinse the throat in case of angina, inflammation of the mouth, bleeding gums.

Decoctions are drunk for the treatment of stomach aches, colds, hypertension, rheumatism, women's diseases, myositis. Ointments are used in furunculosis.

Not recommended for use

It is not recommended to use the plant if you are allergic to it.