This section will reflect how mushrooms can be used in healing, but let's never forget that there are a lot of mushrooms and any wrongly chosen species can pose a threat to health, so when using mushrooms in healing, just like plants, let's be interested, learn and always turn to specialists for advice. Common sense always comes first!

Scientifically, the use of mushrooms in healing and treatment is called fungotherapy! Mushrooms contain many biological substances that are used not only in folk medicine, but also in the production of medicines.

This section is intended as a research one and gives an opportunity to take a look at a science that has been forgotten in vain, the development of which can provide many times cheaper and more accessible medicines also for oncological diseases, even though oncologists themselves look at it skeptically. Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves how adequately these natural resources can be used.

And, as I mentioned at the beginning, the diversity of mushrooms is great, or any mistake when mixing mushroom species can cause serious health consequences, so always be careful when collecting mushrooms, research in books and on the Internet, and if possible, contact specialists to determine the exact species. Before using mushrooms, follow the pre-treatment of mushrooms to reduce their possible harm to health. We also remember that there are mushrooms from which specific substances can only be obtained thanks to laboratory procedures, but in general, the mushroom is not edible.