With the first, warm rays of the sun, a person starts to get excited and looks towards the forest to collect the first valuable gifts of nature for himself and others. Among the first gifts of nature are the buds, barks and juices of various trees. However, we often wonder if we will not affect the further life of the tree, because all the named natural gifts, although valuable, are necessary for the tree itself.

After the tree sheds its leaves in the fall, it begins to form new buds for the next year, because it is the leaves and the amount of them on the branches that will provide it with sufficient solar energy, strength and endurance. Instead of buds, leaves will form, there will be no buds, and there will be no leaves. When spring arrives, in order for the tree to be able to form leaves from the small buds, it needs to "spring back" by supplying all parts of the tree with vitamins and minerals - this happens thanks to the strong circulation of sap in the tree in spring. By influencing these processes - taking juice from a tree or buds, we directly influence the future life of the tree.

There is such a group as conifers - pines and firs. I won't talk about junipers this time, it's a completely different story and for now people don't think about junipers like they do about pines and firs. Buds are collected for pine trees, but it is imperative to observe that all branches have a crown of buds at the tips - there is one central bud and smaller ones around it. The central bud ensures the growth of the branch and a new branch will form from it. Side buds will form flowers, they will be pollinated and new cones will form, then seeds and new trees. If the end buds of a pine branch are torn off, they will not form again and the branch will not continue to grow. By leaving the central bud, the branch will continue to grow forward and a crown of buds will grow again at the end of this new branch extension.

Then people calm down a bit and rush to the fir trees and to collect the new shoots, which are basically already new branches, just more new - the principle was described above. Of course, I fully agree that the beasts of the forest tend to eat the young shoots and also damage the trees, but we are, after all, human beings. Today, in the store, it is possible to buy a fruit like paprika all year round, here is an alternative for taking vitamin C (vitamin C is more in paprika).

The best places to collect different parts of the tree according to the season are storm-broken trees, forests that are intended for sanitary felling or clear-cutting, heavily overgrown ditches and their edges, and other places that will also be cleaned and the trees will be irretrievably killed.

As you read this section, please think about the basic principles of ensuring the full life of each tree. Do not try to harm the tree, because such a drug has little value, mainly because it was obtained by harming it.

The best and happiness-creating gift of nature is the kind of gift of nature that has lived a happy life - clean, in the sun, unharmed, without viruses and parasites...